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martes, 23 de mayo de 2017

Porcelain bjd assembling tutorial, how to string your bjd doll

Hello everyone!!!

This tutorial is intended to string with elastic cords our doll model Malena , for those who request them in blank and disassembled  to customize them with china paints or another complex technique.
For her measures and weight the elastic cord is enough to put her toghether with an acceptable tension ( for our bigger girls, Maxine and Lucienne, the stringing is made with metal springs)
The elastic, leather and metal axis and hooks are included in our blank doll kits.
To purchase a blank doll you can go here:

porcelain_bjd on eBay 
 Porcelainbjddolls en Etsy  
Mercado Libre Argentina  
or ask to
Paulina Gravagno 

The dolls in the pictures are a tattooed geisha girl made in 2013 with our old mld Meiko and the new one Malena, unpainted, blank.
I tried to make the threading as easier as possible, but the tutorial can seems a little messy, specially because english is not my main language; if any of you have doubts or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask, we will be very grateful to hear your advice and improve this tutorial and others to come.


 Tools and materials
 Any round elastic is suitable, as long as its thickness allows it to pass through the openings of the limbs. If you do not have a round elastic at hand you can try the flat elastic but also check that it passes through the openings, especially those of the arms that are the narrowest of all the pieces.  If you disarm again the doll, is preferrable to change the elastic cords in every occasion you do that, the elastic usually rubs and suffers when arming and disassembling the doll so it is preferrable, to be sure, to replace it.

Each elastic, according to the brand and the provenance, stretches different, so you have to testing them. Usually 20 cms. for the legs, another 20 for the torso and almost 25 for the arms, from wrist to wrist, is enough.


We usually start by sanding the pieces, which came out of the kiln with a rough residue on the surface due to the firing process; once sanded, the surface is satin finish with a very soft glow. Use a 220 or more fine grid sand paper. We clean the pieces with alcohol to remove any trace of residues that may have been left and to prepare the pieces for painting. 

We use acrilycs, pastels and lacquer to paint, but china paints and any other artistic media can be applied to them. In this tutorial (I will soon update it too :3 )  is described how is our own way to paint our dolls (link)

 Joint protection 

Once the pieces are ready, painted and decorated, you must glue the leather into the joints using two components glue or any other strong glue you feel comfortable to use, with the border marks looking  to the inside. Let the glue properly cure before to assemble the doll, following the specifications of each type. Check that every leather lining is properly fixed and correct it if necessary.

Hooks and Axis
Then you must glue the metal axis into every joint. For hands and feet, this is the moment to put the hooks in place, lock with the axis and glue it in place.
 The axis are measured and indicated the position in the little insert inside the box. I control them to pass easily through the holes, but if you find any of them doesn't fit, don't force it, try to replace it with another one. They are very tiny, so if you lost any of them, you can use surgical wire, stainless steel quality, to cut another one, the type used for dental implants, it is flexible but hard and  resistant, it doesn't  oxidize and came in several thickness. It is the same used too for the big hook in the head and the little ones for hands, feet and shoes.  Be careful when you cut this type of wire, the remaining bias point is very sharp :P !!!
Once they are glued, is almost impossible to take them off.

Putting all toghether

The first pieces to be assembled are the head, chest ,and torso, and finally the legs.  You need three pieces of elastic, of 20-22 cms. each one aprox. 

Make two loops and join them togheter with the third loop. I make a common knot in the first two, but a loose, eight shaped knot in the third one, you will see later why. Use a long needle and strong nylon fine cord or a piece of cable as stringing tool. You will end as in this picture.


The U hook will be covered later by the wig.  
 Pass the eight shaped knot cord through the chest to the top of the head, and secure the extreme with the U hook. 
The knots must be visible under the chest piece.
Pass the other two loops through the torso, one per leg. 

 Lock the extrems of the cords everytime you string a piece.

String each leg , lock the cord at the  ankles to work with tranquility. Pass the hook of the foot into the loop, close it with a flat pointed plier and only then, and taking the foot with your hand,  slowly take back the tool you used to lock the loop and let the hook enter inside the leg. If you feel some resistance, pull from the upper leg to strech the cords. At this point , the elastic will still feel loose.

To get more tension, pull from the knot in the middle of the torso, between the chest and hips, until you feel is enough, and make a new knot, as firm as posible. Trim the excess and hide the knot into the pieces. You can also twist the limbs two or three times, this strech the elastic even more, but be careful, too much tension can cause the breakage of the elastic.

 Now remains  only the arms and hands. 
Use a long needle, a slightly curvy one or very fine wire as threading tool. First make a long loop, closed with an eight shaped loose knot, pass it in this order: from the top of the arm, through the elbow to the wrist, lock the extrem, pass the hand hook, close it , and procede as in the feet case. VERY IMPORTANT NOW:  the fingers are the most fragile part of a porcelain doll, wrap the hands in bubble plastic to protect them until you finish the assembling, (that is not in the pictures because they looked better this way :D ) is the best way to prevent accidents.
Pass the other extrem of the loop through the chest and the remaining arm pieces to the other wrist. 
 The knot must be accesible inone of the shoulders, pull from it and make a new knot. 

The doll is ready now for wigging and dressing.

One of my favourite hair tutorials, very simple but efective, is made by  Hannie Sarris
 This is all for the moment, please ask if anything is not enough clearly explained, you can let a comment below or contact us  in any the links. 
This is my own way to stringing, there is other methods in the web, if you find them more adecuate to your way of to make things, that can be adapted to our doll, even hybrid systems of metal springs and elastic cords. 
Thanks to all for visiting us!!! 


porcelain_bjd on eBay 
 Porcelainbjddolls en Etsy  
Mercado Libre Argentina  
or ask to
Paulina Gravagno 

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

A lot of work for this week and the next ones 😁!!! We just opened the kiln on Monday, so soon will be sending mails for those who reserved blank dolls, and then for the nude and costumed ones, which takes more time to finish. In this new batch there is also a new tattoed engraved mermaid. We are currently taking orders for custom and blank dolls for June-July but you can check the links in the profile for available dolls. Thanks to all for your patience and support😄 !!! #porcelainbjd #amadogravagno #bjd #bjddolls #ooak #artdolls #fineart #porcelainbjddolls #argentinabjd #bjdargentina #mermaids #mermaidbjd #blankbjd #madetoorder #customdolls #balljointeddolls #balljointdolls #argentinaart
Para nuestros amigos de Argentina pueden solicitar una muñeca de stock o a pedido en nuestra página de Mercado Libre o bien solicitarla a nuestro face, los links están disponibles en las pestañas más arriba :)
Saludos a todos y gracias por pasarse por aquí !!!
muñecas de porcelana bjd dolls proceso argentina arte
Blank porcelain bjd dolls on process; muñecas de porcelana bjd en proceso.

sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016

Blackfriday is coming! Check our special offers for porcelain bjd dolls on Etsy

Hi Everyone!!! We are getting ready for Blackfriday with special discounts :) The discount coupons are valid until November 30 and are already active :3
With the coupon code PORCELAINBJDLOVE you get 15% off for a U$D 200 purchase or more, and with coupon code PORCELAINBJDART you get 20% off for a U$D 750 purchase or more. They apply to all dolls and custom requests. There is also a Special offers section. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask, we will be very pleased to answer :) !!!
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sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016

The Mermaid Queen

Mermaid queen is one of a kind , ooak art bjd doll, made in 1245 ° C degrees non translucent porcelain by Amado-Gravagno.
She is a modification of our newest body type, Malena. She was made during this year, 2016, from our original sculpted doll. 
You can see a lot of pictures of her in our main facebook page paulinagravagno  and see our reputation on Etsy as porcelainbjddolls
The Mermaid Queen as shown in the pictures , is 41 cms. tall, has 18 points of articulation, is painted with acrylics and protected with several layers of satin lacquer. The tail pieces cames out of the mold with the flakes marked, but each one is refined to acentuate their form. 

All the front of the tail is originally plain, and the laberynthic tattoo motif is engraved in the raw porcelain with the help of a needle. The drawings are totally original and they will be not repeated.

The wig is fixed, made in mohair hair in a bluish black color. The hands have french manicure. The ears are holey. 

The crown is made with assembled recycled pieces of bijoux, on a copper wire structure, linned with a turquoise and golden ribbon and embellished with crystals, acrylic gems and glass beads. The pieces are joined toghether with fine copper wire for more strenght. The collar is a piece made with glass beads with earrings in the extremes, it hangs from the ears of the doll. 

The doll is assembled with elastic cords and the joints are protected with real leather in matching tones.
The stand was specially designed and made for this doll, and allows to show her in many poses with the tail securely holded.

As with all our dolls, this mold will be also available as blank doll, nude doll or full costumed doll, with plain or tattooed tail by request.
Custom orders can also be requested with the option of an ooak, sculpted from scratch, portrait head.

es una muñeca artesanal de porcelana de horno realizada por
Amado Gravagno Muñecas de Porcelana Ball jointed dolls BJD
La muñeca en las fotos  se encuentra ya vendida pero se aceptan trabajos a pedido, las comisiones están abiertas para el año 2017.
El precio total final es de 6645 pesos argentinos, incluye una muñeca pintada y con peluca, de nuestro molde Malena modificado con cola de sirena, tatuaje ooak grabado en la porcelana, corona de estilo similar, collar de mostacillas, stand especial y certificado de autenticidad firmado y fechado.
Mermaid Queen  es una muñeca original, de autor, completamente realizada a mano a partir de nuestros propios originales. No se utilizan moldes comerciales ni calcos en su realización. Ella es one of a kind, una muñeca ooak, un objeto de arte coleccionable.
No es un juguete, no se recomienda para niños.

Esta es una muñeca articulada tipo ball jointed doll. Diseñada con sistema de bola-encastre con 18 puntos de articulación que permiten un amplio rango de movimientos. Las 19  piezas que componen la muñeca son realizadas en porcelana  tradicional (no fría) y cocidas a 1245 grados Cº. 
Mide 41 cms. de altura.Pintada con acrílicos y protegida con varias capas de laca satinada. Las articulaciones llevan cuero natural al tono para prevenir el roce y facilitar el movimiento. Armada con elástico y ejes y ganchos de acero.
No se para por si sola, por seguridad se recomienda su exhibición en el stand incluido.

Detalles de la muñeca en las fotos:
The Mermaid Queen incluye un tatuaje grabado en la porcelana en la etapa de crudo. Las piezas de la sirena salen del molde con sus escamas marcadas y la parte del frente de la cola lisa. Las escamas se remarcan en la etapa de crudo para acentuar su forma y el tatuaje es realizado a mano con la ayuda de una aguja. El extremo de la cola se graba por ambos lados. Los diseños son originales y no se repiten. 
La corona esta realizada con un ensamblaje de piezas de bijouterie reutilizadas, recortadas, pulidas con torno, aseguradas sobre una estructura de alambre de cobre firme usando alambre de cobre fino para asegurar las piezas en su lugar. Está embellecida con cuenta ojo de gato, mostacillas, mostacillones, gemas de acrílico y piedras strass de colores. La estructura está forrada con cinta turquesa y dorada. La corona no puede repetirse.
El collar es pendiente, realizado con mostacillas tornasoladas. 

Custom dolls
Para las muñecas a pedido se puede solicitar diferente color de piel y cola, make up, color de ojos, color de pelo, pelo sintético o mohair. Tatuaje en estilo similar. Corona en estilo similar.
También se puede solicitar en blanco,  con la cola lisa sin tatuaje, o sin accesorios. En estos casos el precio final sería menor y se haría una publicación especial detallando todos los items solicitados.

Resumen de proceso, como se realiza una muñeca bjd de porcelana:Nuestras muñecas son diseños originales, ningún molde comercial se utiliza para su realización.
El proceso completo envuelve varios pasos y puede llevar varios meses, según la complejidad del diseño y el tamaño de la muñeca. Para realizar a Malena y a nuestros otros modelos se esculpe primero una figura de plasticera, de mayor tamaño que la muñeca final deseada ya que hay que tener en cuenta el encogimiento de la porcelana. Se corta en los puntos de articulacion, se agregan las bolas y se detallan los encastres. Se realiza un primer juego de moldes de yeso a partir de los cuales se obtiene una única copia en porcelana, que luego de refinada, pulida, bizcochada y cocida a 1245 grados C se convertirá en el master. A partir de este master se realizan los moldes definitivos a partir de los cuales se obtienen todas las copias en porcelana.
Las pequeñas piezas se pulen en la etapa de crudo una por una, para eliminar rebabas, pinholes y pequeños defectos. Se modifican las posiciones de los dedos de las manos y se detallan los pequeños detalles de manos, rostro y pies que puedan haberse diluido. Se abren todas las aberturas para el enhebrado y se realiza el agujereado para colocar luego los ejes de metal. Cada carita es ligeramente modificada. También en esta etapa de crudo se realizan las cabezas a pedido modelanod desde cero . Se bizcochan a 900 °C y se revisan, volviendo a lijar donde sea necesario. Luego se realiza la cocción final a 1245 ° C

Los envíos corren a cargo del comprador
En el caso de la ciudad de Bahía Blanca te acercamos personalmente la muñeca. 
Se utilizan los servicios de Correo Argentino y OCA para la zona y el resto del país; las tarifas correspondientes pueden verificarse en su sitio web. Para ver los costos de OCA se puede utilizar el calculador de Mercado Envíos.
 Los envíos de Correo Argentino se realizan con Valor Declarado en caja precintada, tracking y acuse de recibo.
 También por el mismo medio se realizan envíos al exterior, por EMS o pequeño paquete certificado.
Los envíos por Oca pueden ser de sucursal a sucursal o a domicilio. 
El monto total de la muñeca y accesorios más el costo de envío deben ser depositados por adelantado antes de su envío.
 Se puede pagar de una vez o señar para reservar con el 50 % del valor de la muñeca y pagar el resto en una o dos veces. En cualquier caso se aceptan todos los medios de pago de Mercado Pago, lo cual permite elegir hasta doce cuotas con tarjeta de crédito.